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Necklaces collection

Necklaces collection

Necklaces with Unique and Meaningful Symbols of Palestine


Discover TRACES Palestine's magnificent necklace line, where every item represents a rich cultural legacy. Among the gorgeous pieces in our selection are the visually arresting Palestine map necklace, the slingshot necklace, and the sophisticated olive tree necklace


Carefully designed to respect the history and resilience of the Palestinian people, each necklace features a symbol of Palestine. Our necklace collection conveys a story that the item is more than just a fashion addition. It makes a statement and sparks a conversation.


Delicately detailed, our olive tree necklace stands for continuity and connection to the land. Wearing this necklace will let you honor these ageless principles and give your outfit a little natural elegance.


We firmly think that jewelry can say important things. Carefully considered design and premium materials are used in every item in our collection to guarantee durability and long-lasting beauty. Our necklaces provide something unique for everyone, regardless of your reason for wearing them; to show solidarity, to showcase your ancestry, or just to enjoy exquisite workmanship.


Discover the ideal piece that you can customise by choosing the colour and source of stone. TRACES Palestine is the meeting place of elegance. heritage, history and resilience.