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Solidarity from Canada

By: Lourdes

Palestine has been a part of my heart for many years. Right now, I feel helpless and full of shame that the country I live in has a direct hand in providing bombs that have murdered Palestinians.

The resilience of the Palestinian people despite immense suffering is almost superhuman. No human should ever have to be that strong, but the Palestinians are. Despite endless decades of hardship and hostile living conditions, the most beautiful kindness manages to grow there. Starving men and women will offer the only bread they have seen in a week to an orphaned child before they consider eating it themselves. Children who have lost everything will go out of their way to comfort a frightened kitten from the rain.

I am a psychiatric nurse, and the trauma that this genocide is inflicting on Palestinians is devastating. I can not imagine the reality children are facing every day, preparing for their own deaths, and seeing the violent murders of their loved ones.

I cry at night thinking of the deaths that have happened at the hands of the IOF, and how in their scariest and most vulnerable moments the last face these Palestinians saw was one of pure evil and hatred. I think of little Hind, and how scared she was in that car. I hear her cries for help and desperation. I think of Hind and I am overcome with rage. Her life mattered, she was innocent! Hind is only one of 40,000 men, women, and children who have been mercilessly slaughtered by i.s.r.ael.

I will not just continue life as usual here in Canada. I will use my voice to give voice to the Palestinians everyday, in any way I can. I bought this necklace set as a way to have a little piece of Palestine close to my heart. From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free!

L. J.

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